what she says...

Decided to share this, which I wrote shortly after my diagnosis, after reading Cordelia's poem today..

Where I am


There was a day

And now there is this one

It has a particular tinge

Its own colour and taste

Its own flavour and smell

Its own scent and feel

Its own feelings

And so I will take it

One day at a time


If you have time

If there is a space in your life

If it is not too painful

Or difficult

Walk this way with me

I will show you what I see

On my way

You can tell me

How you feel

Together we walk

For a while

In the dance of life

Mine and yours

You can tell me

About you too


And so it is

We will have shared

A moment


And for this, I am so grateful

Because right now

My path can be lonely

So for someone

To dare

Take a few steps

In the unknown

Away from advice

For a situation which is my own

With my body

My soul

Is brave

It is also a show of trust


You trust me

To look after myself

You trust me

To know what's best for me

You trust me

Because you love me

And respect the person that I am

Perhaps you even think I am intelligent

And wise

Some do

Of course I make mistakes

Don't you?

I'm also scared and vulnerable

But often strong and brave

And still intelligent and wise


I will tell you what I need

If I need anything

Please do the same

I'm here

This is not a one-way street

And we cannot "guess" each other

If you need to give me something

(because you need to, not because I need you to)

Do so

And tell me

Why you needed to do that

That will be an even bigger present


If you need anything from me

Tell me

I may well find it

In my big treasure trove of love


I trust you

To know what's best for you


And when you tell me the tales

Of how you navigated your own fears

(Not how to navigate mine)

When you stop "trying to help"

But are simply there with me

Witnessing, listening, loving

We sometimes find a key

To our very own conundrums


If we listen to each other

One step at a time

We can make a very big change

Even to the most challenging situations.


With best wishes