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Express yourself

This is a space for self-expression, creativity, anything you might do to perhaps forget about cancer. Post photos of art, songs, poems, photos of any adventures you've been on - anything you like. Don't be shy, go ahead and express yourself!


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I've been shopping since September and now its nearly here

.My feet are sore, my purse is empty

The weather is cold and it's snowing.

Cars goes by turning it to slush.

My bags are full of food and my arms are tired.

One more hill to climb and then I'm home.

The house is cold, there's no one here.

The boiler has gone on the blink.

The dog looks mournful The tree on the floor.

I drop the bags and break the eggs.

Is it all so worth it.

Minutes later the door opens to husband and children

Happy from their sledging.

Excited chatter and lots of hugs.

Unpacking bags with lots of shrieks.

Mess cleaned up and tree upright Even the boiler springs to life.

The house is warm, the children asleep. Presents now under the Christmas tree.

The fire burns brightly and all is still. I look at my husband fast asleep

.Tomorrow will be busy with dinner to cook

But I know that I'm blessed with my family to love.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Thank you x

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I lived the whole story in verse.  Lovely