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I was tidying a few things up today and found a few tapes from when I was in a punk band between the ages of 15 to 17. They’re definitely not musical classics, but they took right right back to a tumultuous time - I’ve included lyrics to 3 of the most personal songs - one about a girl I fancied who was going off the rails, another about a lad in my class who died of an overdose at a party on the street where my Grandma used to live and one about the first time I realised we had no chance of making it.

It reminded me that there’s tough times to get through at all stages of life. We’ve done it all before, we can do it again.

All the best




She lives in a house so quiet and tender

She likes to be so high in the sky

She loves to mix in the town so friendly

And let the world just pass her by.

But she’ll be out on her ear

If she crosses her Dad when he’s had too much beer

Yes, she’ll be out on her ear

And the world will become so bright and clear.

She wants to be a back street leader

But she’ll never be that when she’s drugged up to her eyes.

Her family have never really understood her

They seem to think she does not try

Those days have gone and you can’t go back

You’re a grown up girl don’t cry no more

Don’t hold me, I don’t really want to know you

You’re a grown up girl don’t cry no more


The Coming of Dawn

Pensive moods brought to the fore

Accumulating dust in the back of my mind.

My pen don’t bring me joy no more

Distracted, stricken, lost in Neanderthal times

I can remember the last time I didn’t feel so sad

So glad to get moving, I’d forgotten what I once had

The coming of dawn

On Grandma’s old lawn

A listless life, legs strewn around

Syringes laying about

But when the heart stops beating, that’s it.

No more looking forward to a brighter day

No more looking forwards to Santa and Christmas Day

‘Cause on that one night

You went outside


And now you’re on the floor

Resting motionless on Grandma’s old lawn

The coming of dawn

On Grandma’s old lawn


Fly Guts on my Wall

Another fly gut on my wall

Another death to comfort me

Now my head’s gonna explode

Like the fly guts on my wall

Intoxication’s in my veins and

I don’t know which way to turn

Imagination fails me again

As I know I’ll never learn.

So I sit here all alone

Fight my conscience that tells me

That I’m losing all my hope

And what I want, I’ll never be

Inspiration, like persuasion,

Doesn’t work when I’m in town

Irritation, bugs like my friends

They keep on circling round.

Do you ever feel the way I feel today?

Are you ever told that your dreams are wrong?

Do people tell you to change and get along?

Make you feel like the fly guts on my wall?

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Love this Greg- you were very insightful at such a tender age.  Are you still in s band now? 

A river doesn’t look back- it keeps flowing forwards.
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Thanks very much Ruby for your kind comments! Trust me, there were lots of other songs that were more juvenile in nature! I just latched onto these 3 because they were the most personal, and they reminded me of tough times past. Those times leave a mark, but they are not the be all and end all when I look back at them objectively 25 years on. It was a useful reminder for me that even if the current moment is pretty shocking, it won’t last forever, which then got me thinking about people’s experiences of cancer, hence why I thought I would post it.

Sadly, I’m not in a band anymore. I still play about with my guitar and write songs/poetry, but I don’t do any performing. Maybe i’ll get back to it one day, although my eldest has just reached her teenage years, so I don’t think it would go down well if her Dad started playing the local pubs!!