Name dropping

On Sat (27th) I was in Durham for the Paula's Families on Track running event as a volunteer.  Most of the morning was a torrential downpour and our high viz jackets are not waterproof.  However, I did speak to Steve Cram and saw Ally Curbishley (ex GB Olympic runner), Ali Dixon (current GB runner) and Paula Radcliffe.  It was a new event organised by Steve and his team and at the finish I put a medal around Paula's neck.  The little ones thoroughly enjoyed themselves and they are so competitive.  Here's hoping next year will be drier.  Looking forward now to October for the Kielder Marathon weekend also organised by Steve Cram.

  • I think you need a medal as well for volunteering in the pouring rain!

    Your post reminded me about the 'six degrees of separation' theory in which all of us will know someone famous in six steps or less. So for example because I know you, albeit online, and you've met Paula Radcliffe then I can claim there is only one step between me and Paula Radcliffe.

    My favourite one though is that a girl I worked with, was friends with someone who had Orlando Bloom as a client, and Orlando Bloom acted with Johnny Depp. So there are only 3 degrees of separation between me and Johnny Depp!!!! If only Slight smile

    Try it for a bit of fun.


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  • That's a good idea - mind you the way Mr Depp has gone lately I think you're better off without.

    On the theme of Mr Depp, in the films there is one of his right hand men with massive sideburns played by Kevin McNally.  I worked in a pub in Shepherds Bush in the mid 80's about a mile up from Shepherds Bush green.  Kevin McNally used to live on the other side of the road about 50 yards closer to the green.  He used to come in with a friend and drank lager in the summer and Guiness in the winter.  Whenever his friend came in alone I would ask where his mate was and was casually told "He's off filming again".

    Also, if you remember Crossroads from the 70's, the woman with dark hair who was the secretary in the garage entered the lounge with her dog.  I recognised her straightaway (my mam always watched Crossroads hence how I knew) but had to tell her to tie the dog outside or go into the bar.  She tied the dog outside had a quick half and left.

    I will be seeing Steve Cram and Ali Curbishley at the next event in Newcastle on 10 Aug but don't know if Ali Dixon or Paula Radcliffe will be there.  I'll see them all again in Oct for the brilliant Kielder Marathon weekend.  The best part of the weekend is the local WI sell homemade (with real ingredients) cakes, buns and pies and only £1 per slice / bun.  Zoom in to see the thick layer of butter cream in the middle of the sponge cake. 

  • Yes, I think you're probably right about Mr Depp .  I'll have any one of those cakes instead.


    What is a Community Champion?

     "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"