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I Was A Germ

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I was a germ,

A speck in a distant sphere.

I burrowed and I dug through wild frontiers.

I woke in the morning,

Fresh from the night’s light,

Where I no longer dream, only steal the mistakes of the day.

Before I remember beauty

and simplicity,

and the journey of a single breath through the caverns of my lonely soul.

I know I will fight

with every cell of my being.

Fight with two fingers raised proudly to the sky.

Fight with the desire of a plucky bacteria.

Burrowing, digging, stealing, clinging.

I’ll fight even though I know I won’t win.

Now, in this cold dewdrop shine,

I find that I see through the lies in my teeth.

A majestic infinity

where the match never mattered,

never flamed, only flattered.

To deceive what I believe in -

the fear that I’ll leave -

with no hope,

stricken, stranded,

strung from the rope.

I know better now.

Though I don’t know quite how.

As I wave to the crowd,

Nod my head, puffed-out proud.

This is and it was one hell of a blast!

From the very small first, to the very small last!