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I took a job, any job to feed my family

I worked hard scrubbing floors Dreaming of better days

I worked from dawn to dusk Ran around to care for all

But no one cared for me

Many nights the tears flowed But I never let you see

I smiled while I cooked and cleaned

Said I wasn’t hungry so you could eat.

I got ill but you didn’t know, I lied to you

. I wanted you to grow, to be the best you could

Forgive me that lie, now that I am old

You are grown now with a family of your own

You visit me on Sundays

You say I wasn’t there for you

I worked for you to have what I had not.

I won’t cry now, you have judged me

What could I say to change your mind

I loved my child, I love the man you are You were my world,

I tried my best.