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Losing the love of my life

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In july my wife was cutting the grass it was 2018 just after the world cup was finished augest she diagnosed stage 4 ovarian cancer...the treatment wasnt working ...we took the route after of using other stuff from a herb to treat her pain ...and even thought the herb did not cure her because the cancer was at an advanced stage it did numb her pain to the point where she couldnt feel the cancer and i took a video of this .she died in early febuary..for eight months she couldnt lie down flat because of the pain and because the cancer was in her lungs ,which where drained every two days .when she died and was laid flat in bed..i got into bed and cuddled her ,and laid down next to her for two hours before they had to take her away .im heart broken ...they offer support groups to me but most ppl there are 60 and over and i feel out of place 32 and look very young for my age ,most ppl look at me as if to say "GOD HES YOUNG,HE MUST BE HERE FOR LOSING HIS DAD OR MOM" but when i tell them no ,its my wife who died at 30 ..i wear her vests still for bed and cuddle her teddy and pretend its her cause it has her smell on it, ..i have mental health issues and any type of change in my life triggers anxiety and other symptoms etc..i have never seen anyone one pass away in front of my eyes until my wife ...we where together for ten years spent five days apart in 2010 and we loved each other so much sometimes we would cry before she got ill ,in bed at night time cuddling each other ,id say what you crying for and she would say the same back ,and id say cause i love you so much and she would say thats why i was crying cause i love you so much too... im lost without her ...stay strong to anyone battling cancer .love and peace to everyone you my snow white xxx