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This one is for anyone who has ever had, is having, or will have a problem with anxiety. My heart goes out to you all.


The slow creep of a rising tide filling up,

Might paint a pint of beer or a hot bathtub

But in here I can’t breathe and the drip is a drown

Where the halo is lost in a steep spiral down

And the man on the news speaks of lust, hope and rage

While my senses erupt, my brain rattling the cage

I cling for dear life, still the madness lives on,

Smothering all joy ‘til my weak will is gone.

“There is purpose!”, “There is fight!”, “There is love!” “There is light!”

Words that echo in corridors, edge out of sight

I need to wake up, I need to switch off

But this tide gently rises, this tide never stops

I can hear you and feel you, I want to hold hands

But I fear that my feet dear sink deep to quicksand

So make it fast, make it slow, give me pills, stop the flow

Do whatever it takes, I don’t want to let go.

It just never is as it was and that is hard to believe,

This time tied in knots, the tide’s tightening squeeze.