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The magic sway of oscillation

Causing febrile aggravation

Spreading fear and consternation

Across islands alone

My mind’s exaggeration

Mimics every complication

All this hope and this frustration

When I’m sat here on my own

Do you feel asphyxiation

Rising rage and confrontation

When there’s no point in objection

And the endgame’s coming home.

How did I ever reach a position

Where what’s real is an obsession

Killing bliss with such perfection

It’s murky in the danger zone

I can deny that great solution

Pretend my world is an illusion

Forget the idea in rejection

Before tomorrow comes and goes

Where is the duty in abstention?

Give me love and revolution!

Let me crave that pure attraction!

In a bitter, sweet, full, blow

I can manoeuvre operation

Pull the wool from situation

Paint a scene of lusting fiction

Ponder truth and play the show

For there’s one word in my conviction

Wrapped in wonder, dressed with caution

Lost in thought, lost in translation

Where the good and bad times sow.