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How I feel

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When I met IT 

The sun is shining but darkness looms
Ready to strike, whenever IT chooses
IT picks its moments, without discrimination  
and when IT does we are often losers 

Before IT came happiness was destined
Holidays, family, we had it all
Then from nowhere IT arrived
Determined as ever to make its call

IT’s the 3rd person in our marriage 
For 5 years it has stayed
Flouncing around causing mayhem
Leaving one of us lost and betrayed

IT came like a whirlwind, one sunny day
I put up a defiant fight as only I could
Taking IT on and those in the way 
Protecting my love as any wife would

For a while IT stepped back, reluctantly 
Then made its move once again
Like a game of chess it ups its game
Life will now never be the same

IT stands between us, keeping us apart
IT causes disruption and causes us pain
IT lives within one of us in masquerade 
IT sucks life from the other much like a drain

IT’s determination is thorough
IT defies any strength
Sneaking around robbing any love
Taking its toll at any length 

IT’s taken control and runs our home
Dictates the lives of those it now owns
No longer a wife wrapped in comfort and love
A carer I’ve become left feeling alone

If you haven’t guessed IT’s name already 
I say it through gritted teeth
Beware of this thing called cancer 
IT causes nothing but grief

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Hi Sunset19 what a beautiful and touching poem of what Cancer does and how it invades our lives.

Very very poignant and thank you for sharing this and  I feel sure many others will relate to the words.

Sending some hugs your

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Thank you Granny59 

Ive discovered writing things down helps to relieve the stress and inner turmoil. Your kind words & hugs are much appreciated so hugs coming for you too x 

David UK
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My wife was diagnosed two years ago and is now terminal with secondary lung and liver cancer.

This is such a true reflection and so beautifully written. 

Thank you, bless you and sending you hugs.


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Dear Sunset 19

What a lovely poem and so heartfelt. So true too.You put it so well.

Courage and strength to you.

A big hug and kiss.


As Voltaire, the French writer said " I am going to be happy because it is good for my health "
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Beautifully put Sunset