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Mousetrap in a Cheesemonger

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Mousetrap in a Cheesemonger

This morning it dawned on me

You were always aspirational

And you gave me inspiration 

But as much as I try, I am but a faulty failure

And I’m sorry for selling yer

A dream I couldn’t deliver.

I know it in my heart, for so long it was so blurry

But words are easy

As the truth fails me.

Like the mousetrap in a cheesemonger.

I built the trap and sold the cheese.

And the disappointment in your eyes 

Is the only thing I see.

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Dear gregg, I enjoyed reading your poem, I have interpreted it in my own way but obviously I may be wrong. I sometimes go to the same place in my mind. I don't have your way with words but here is my little effort.

It's 4am and I'm wide awake
How much more of this can I take
Should I get up
Or look at the ceiling
Is thinking out loud
The secret to healing
So today I'll get up
And wait for the daylight
With hope in my heart
That everything will be right.


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Hi Johnty,

Thanks for your post. I’m really glad you enjoyed the poem. Interpret away! Each poem I write means something to me but I post them in case they help others, so it’s all about the reader really, and what they take from it. I write to process my own emotions so if the poems help others to process their emotions, then that has to be a good thing!

Thanks for your poem too. Oddly, I have never had a problem with waking up in the middle of the night, other than when on dex which I was able to rationalize as chemically-enduced. It must be a really tough thing to deal with. I found the line “is thinking out loud the secret to healing” really thought-provoking. I’m sure I will think about that a lot so thanks for sharing!