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This is a space for self-expression, creativity, anything you might do to perhaps forget about cancer. Post photos of art, songs, poems, photos of any adventures you've been on - anything you like. Don't be shy, go ahead and express yourself!


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As I stare into your featureless face, I wonder

Is satisfaction an acceptance of gracious defeat?

A state of vacancy beyond my reach?

The passing second slips. 

Soon, out of grasp. 

Gnawing, it claws.


So I stand and I stare and I think and I ponder

Are we all dressing up,

Disguising naked self worth?

I swig from the promises of my £4 coffee cup.


Dear dreams, 

Make me forever alive to tomorrow's prize!

But wait,

ALL NEW! Denial cheap and in fashion. 

And I remain the perfect model.

“An inelastic mind entwined in plastic....”

So who's the dummy now?