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This is a space for self-expression, creativity, anything you might do to perhaps forget about cancer. Post photos of art, songs, poems, photos of any adventures you've been on - anything you like. Don't be shy, go ahead and express yourself!

Poetry and cancer

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I was diagnosed with stage sclc just over a year ago now. I started writing poetry to deal my feelings and thoughts. I've written several poems, this was my first one, inspired by sitting in the oncology waiting room! Sounds quite dismal, reading it now! I'm really quite a cheerful person, honestly!! 


A room full of silent screams, Blank eyed victims full of broken dreams.

Awaiting brutal treatment, false smiles full of horror, Like lambs to the slaughter, they all blindly follow.

Protocol, procedure, the forceful treatment plan, Change your lifestyle for appointments, You mustn’t miss that scan.

The masterful physician with his knowing, benign smile, Warns don’t get too hopeful, you may not reach that extra mile.

The evidence is absolute, don’t set your hopes too high, We’ll harm you to treat you, but in the end you’ll die.

A silent, anguished tear, cuts loose, spilling on the floor, Quickly mopped and cleared away, don’t show your grief in here.

The blindly smiling nurse, with her shrouded look of sorrow, Pats and strokes and comforts, with false hope of tomorrow.

Wake up from your nightmare, get out that circus tent. Keep striving for the future, live life as it was meant.

Your freedom is in your reach, there is no predestined run, The choices are yours to take, choose life and love and fun.

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Hi Jack,

Welcome to this corner of the forum and thanks for the poem, I enjoyed reading it. I think I am a bit like you, I use writing as a way to process thoughts and emotions. I think most people will feel your poem, I certainly did. I particularly loved the imagery and reality in it. The start really spoke to my experience of oncology waiting rooms. I also liked the line about mopping away tears - how those rooms are so bare and emotionless, often purposefully so. The poem had a nice, easy flow as well which made it very readable.

I’d love to read some more. It would be great to have different voices in this part of the forum - you’ll see that most of the recent entries are my sporadic efforts - and I find I learn greatly from others, so please keep sharing!

All the best


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Thanks Greg

Really good to know someone out there understands and likes my poetry. I've got a few more up my sleeve, so watch this space! 

Kind Regards 

Jackie (or Jack as my friends call me)

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Another poem! This was written after visits from family and friends soon after my diagnosis. 


A pitying look, behind dampened eyes, With bright facade stifling broken sighs.

A knowing glance, a fleeting touch, Don’t mention IT, it hurts too much!

Don’t let her see the grief you hide, The pain and anger must stay inside.

Placating words, where once was wit, Be gentle, kind, don’t mention IT!

Keep the peace, don’t rock the boat, Whatever she wants, never say don’t.

Don’t disagree, don’t scold, debate, Don’t mention that you know her fate.

Talk mundane words, don’t roll the dice, Keep her happy, whatever the price.

Bring gifts and love, with faces lit, But whatever you do, don’t mention IT!

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Hi, love your poems.  I like to write poems too. I am a cancer survivor had Ampulla cancer, wishing you well x

Keep strong x

Whims and Wishes
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Really good work Jackie, a lot of people would relate to this?  Thank you x