Hello,I am a carer for my husband, who has terminal cancer, prostate ,Bone & lung,but hes doing very well.I am of course doing my best,but struggling with my anxiety & osteoarthritis & emotional as well.Not sleeping well at night.We are lucky in that we have carers twice a day.But I dont get any time off at all.i am not going out as I am scared & am keeping hubby here safe & sound.Sorry to rant.i know many others are worse off than us.Trying to keep positive each day.If any one is from Surrey or Hampshire  would love a chat.Regards Amanda h

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear all you and your husband are going through at the moment and it' natural that you want to chat to others.

    There is a general chat group here which you could join and post in if you'd like. Sometimes it's good to be able to talk about things that are not cancer related. If you'd like to join, just click on the link I've created.

    I noticed that you'd also posted this in the carers group and wondered if you'd seen that you've had quite a few replies there. If not clicking here will take you directly there.