Anxiety & Feeling emotionally drained

Gooc evening I am a carer for my hubby who has terminal cancer.I have always had anxiety but since covid ,my emotions are not good.We have been shielding & when hubby comes out of Lockdown  to be honest we are staying in our house & garden.We have no family near by.So have our carers come twice a day.I sanitise each day & wear a mask & gloves in the kitchen.I also am eating my meals away from hubby so trying to shield from him.I am terrified. Is anyone from sorry to rant .regards Amanda h

  • Good morning Amanda , these are indeed testing times but things will improve, not as fast as we would like but they will.

    We are now on day 74 of our lockdown and I have not been past our front garden in 68 days.......  but the garden looks great, my to-do list has been worked through and I have read lots of good book but keep well away from the news.

    We are slightly more relaxed as we are controlling outside contact very well so we don't adher to any specific shielding in the house or in the garden - but yes to sanitisation. Our daughter and granddaughter comes once a week with stuff for us and we sit in the front garden 'well' apart and talk and catch up. We do get shopping deliveries so the need for my wife to go out is very very low.....she also works from home. So we are doing what we think best but we have had experience of this before.

    My treatment journey had us do this basic 'shielding' thing on two occasions. 6 months after my first Stem Cell Transplant in June 2014 and then 12 months after my second Stem Cell Transplant in October 2015. Basically a small bug would turn into the equivalent of catching COVID19 and yes, I had multiple infections and many hospital stays.......... but I am still here doing great.

    So it's important to concentrate on the fact that this, like many pandemics through the ages will pass and safe routes will eventually be found. The stress is so it is important to 'do' stuff that occupies the mind and divests you from over think.

    We know Surry well as our other daughter and three granddaughter stay in Cranleigh and indeed should have been with them this week..... we have not seen then since Christmas....... but we will at some point as this will pass.

    I will say that my treatment killed off all my childhood inoculations so had to have most of them again and I was having them at the same time as our youngest granddaughter lol....... but I can't have live vaccines so can't have the likes of the MMR so for years I have been at grave risk from Measles, Mumps and Rubella........ but life as went on. if the vaccine for COVID19 is live - I won't get it so life will just have to adapt but we have done it all before.

    Always around to listen to a good 'rant'

    ((hugs)) from the Highlands