Hi all I'm new to all this.

I got diagnosed with kidney cancer November 2018 had a partial napfectony in January 2019 to remove cancerous cyst. 2 weeks before my operation my consultant dropped another bombshell that theres another cyst on my right kidney and he's seen enough to know that it's cancerous.

I had all my friends and family support during the treatment but afterwards nothing I'm now getting counselling but ends next week still don't feel I'm coping well.  Don't know how many times someone has said stay positive and stop looking back to be honest think it's ok for someone who's not been through it to say it as you don't know how your going to deal with it until it happens to you I'm sure we've all said it won't happen to me.

At the same time I'm proud to say that I'm a survivor.

Does anyone else feel the way I feel?

  • Hello  and as this is your first post a warm welcome to the Mac Online Community.

    You have had a hard time over these few years and you have had a rather different cancer journey than me. The post treatment part of this rollercoaster can be the hardest and with COVID it's just that more demanding. Well done getting some counselling but what now? 

    In normal times I would highlight Local Macmillan Support in your area or a Maggie’s Centre as these folks are amazing. But some of these services are now available online and the groups I regularly attended at our Maggie's are now on Zoom. There is nothing better than talking with others who 'do' understand.

    I see you have joined our Kidney cancer group so another place where you can connect and we do have our Life after cancer group as there are a good number of folks post in this group who are negotiating their way forward.

    You may want to look at the 'Discussion' list in Life after Cancer and see if there is a thread that you can join in on.

    Can I also highlight our various Macmillan Support Line Services on 0808 808 00 00 covering Emotional Support and Practical Information mostly open 8.00 to 8.00

    You may also want to have a look at this great paper as it does highlight the milestones of post treatment recovery.

    I have said a lot - but not much at the same time but I am around to listen and help as best as I can.

    It's often good to unpack your journey into your profile as this help see where you started and where you are now. Click to see how to add some details to your profile and as always you can click on Community names to see this stories.

  • Hello , another welcome to the community and especially to the kidney cancer  group. The Highlander has given u a good introduction to the community, n the grou ' a very welcoming one so do ask questions of us if you want to. Someone will probably know the answer! 

  • Hi - I'm fairly new to these forums too and nearing the end of my cancer treatment. I feeI like I've dealt really well with all of it because I've just been so busy focusing on everything to just get through it /a one day at a time type thing, but now I am getting anxious and worried about everything /the future and the what-ifs.

    I had joined a local Macmillan support group and this was so valuable because I met a group of people who had all sorts of experiences. One thing I was told by them and by the Macmillan volunteers was that quite often it's afterwards that you need the support more.

    I've been really lucky because although I can't access the group (which I've really missed) I have been phoned every week so that they can check-in on me and offer any support or advice. I'd really recommend getting in touch with your local support group and seeing if they can offer similar support and signpost you to other services you can access (when things become accessible again)

    Best wishes :)