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Emotional issues

Cancer can be emotionally draining, but sharing your feelings can help you and others in your situation. Talk about it here.


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I was diagnosed last june with tonsil cancer and at the time I felt I dealt with it head on and was ready for what came next.

Chemoradiotherapy was brutal but bearable. 

Now all clear since treatment finishing last October I feel deflated. 

It's like,  wow what just happened.  And as I don't like people seeing me unwell I'm pleased to say my side effects are mostly bearable and discreet apart from thin hair and lack of hair at back but its starting to grow now.

Trying to cover up side effects and act as  normal as possible is quite tiring but people tend to think because treatment is over you should be ok but sometimes you just need time to catch your breath. And take time to get better that's nearly a year . So I suppose it's natural to still feel deflated 

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Hi and welcome to this little corner of the Community.

Finishing treatment back in October is not that long ago as you are still in the healing/recovery part of your journey.

During treatment you focus is 100% on getting through this then all the sudden it's like a carpet is taken away from under your feet.

The post journey can be a challenge but start by having a look at this great paper as it does highlight the milestones of the post treatment journey.

Have a look and get back with your thoughts.

((hugs)) from a safe distance.

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela