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Emotional issues

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Experiencing Borderline Post-Traumatic Stress Anxiety Symptoms | Normal? Where to get advice?

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My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2019, I'm a student who lives away but I went home for the bulk of her treatment (chemo and radio) to support her and to run the house and her self-employed job whilst she was going through treatment. She was taken off oncology and surgical just before new years, but has another appointment in July for hopefully the 'all clear'. 

Over the last few weeks I've been experiencing anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, depression and various other symptoms that I've never before experienced. I'm wondering if it's because I've been strong for so long and suddenly have chance to breathe. 

Is this normal? What should support if any should I seek?


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Klick on this LINK to see an answer from our Support Team ((hugs))

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Hello Simba you could start by phoning the MacMillan helpline and asking them the same question. You can also access counselling services on the NHS website. They have also recently introduced a service called Every Mind Matters. Another website for young people is KOOTH. As you are at Uni you may find that your uni offers pastoral support; do yoi have a tutor you could approach to let them know what you are dealing with? They need to be aware that you have been coping with such big issues whilst you are studying.

Wishing you all the best