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Emotional issues

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Doing a talk

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Today I did a talk in front of some of the doctors, nurses, and cancer specialists. I was asked to talk and put a human face to the treatment. I think medicine can sometimes feel a little dehumanising. My talk was about what its like being a patient.

So many professionals are part of our treatment. Seeing them all together in one room made me feel weird. We are so lucky to have the NHS. It's so huge. 

It's great they make time to listen to us. But it's bizzare seeing the full team of professionals in one room.I left feeling quite overwhelmed.

Anybody else spoken to an audience about their cancer journey? How did you feel afterwards?

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Hi , well done you in doing the talk. I have done a good number of talks across the NHS and in Macmillan Circles. I also do talks with student nurses.

it’s always rewarding to be able to bring the other side of the cancer journey to the health professionals.

Well done you as it can be scary talking to medics.

Mike - Thehighlander

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