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Anxiety over blood test results.

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Hello again. One month later. Yes, the worry about the next test in just over two months! Is kicking in, but it's a while yet and I won't buy a ticket for the Anxiety Train! 

NZ had 24 consecutive no case days, but with people returning home there are about 25 active cases now, all in isolation or quarantine as they were picked up at the border. No Community Transmission which is great. There will be more and the hotels they use are filling up. All arrivals have to wait two weeks before they can go home.

My Great Grandfather came here from Scotland and settled up North. I live in Dunedin much further South, known as the Edinburgh of the South. Even a statue of Robbie Burns! 

Thanks for everything.

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Hi John,

I think half the world can trace their ancestors back to Scotland, or would like to say they can LOL.

We are doing ok in Scotland and slowly but carefully coming out of lock down, today is day 113 from my self imposed lockdown being eventually put on the Shielding lists. The official date for shielding most likely coming to an end is the end of JUky but have been slowly getting out and about over the past few weeks.

Keep well and keep safe.

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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