Anxiety over blood test results.

This might not be the right place, but..... I've been becoming increasingly anxious about the approaching blood test for Prostate Cancer, (PSA) test. It's a routine test following radiotherapy a year ago and even though it's not until March, I'm already very worried. There is no reason why it should not be ok. My health anxiety started with emergency surgery for bowel cancer six years ago, (all clear now,) and the prostate cancer took over from that! I am in the PC group, but this is more of a mental problem. Any strategies? I can't just 'forget it' until nearer the due date and expect my anxiety will worsen during February. 

  • Thank you so much for this, it's just what I needed to read right now. Results day Monday and I was getting rather overwhelmed. This has lifted the cloud. 

  • Believe it or not, the anxiety is creeping up again! I decided not to get a 3 monthly PSA test as Specialist said 6 was fine, so I'll wait until September. Why now be worried about something 3 months away? I'm ok with my present 3rd root canal treatment but I take half a Lorazapam to shut me up and that works. But I don't want to take them too often though. At least the CV 19 news here (NZ) is encouraging - 15 straight days with no new cases, 1 active case and nobody in hospital. But I'm being very careful.

    I shall read The Highlanders tips again soon, which were very helpful.

    Best wishes to all.


  • I have a PET scan due in 8 weeks and I'm feeling anxious about it already, as well as feeling anxious about the blood tests I'll have between now and then, so I don't think it's unusual to start feeling anxious a fair way out.  

  • Hi again John , good news that NZ has been new infection clear for 15 days and long may it continue.

    Here in the Scottish Highlands it has slowed down and we have had a few 3 day slots without no new infections. 

    As so am on the site a lot I cherrypick some great quotes and phrases - this is one from this week.

    “The ‘cancer anxiety train’ sits in the station...... but we can only get on it if we go get a ticket”...... I like that picture.

    Take care my friend.

  • Hello again. One month later. Yes, the worry about the next test in just over two months! Is kicking in, but it's a while yet and I won't buy a ticket for the Anxiety Train! 

    NZ had 24 consecutive no case days, but with people returning home there are about 25 active cases now, all in isolation or quarantine as they were picked up at the border. No Community Transmission which is great. There will be more and the hotels they use are filling up. All arrivals have to wait two weeks before they can go home.

    My Great Grandfather came here from Scotland and settled up North. I live in Dunedin much further South, known as the Edinburgh of the South. Even a statue of Robbie Burns! 

    Thanks for everything.

  • Hi John,

    I think half the world can trace their ancestors back to Scotland, or would like to say they can LOL.

    We are doing ok in Scotland and slowly but carefully coming out of lock down, today is day 113 from my self imposed lockdown being eventually put on the Shielding lists. The official date for shielding most likely coming to an end is the end of JUky but have been slowly getting out and about over the past few weeks.

    Keep well and keep safe.

  • NZ reached 102 consecutive no case days, but more cases in the community were found and now there are new cases every day. They don't know where it came from. And the general election next month has now been postponed 4 weeks. Mixture of level 2 and 3 restrictions depending on where you live and many people ignoring those restrictions by travelling and gathering at beaches etc. Hmmmm ....

  • Hi again John, since Scotland has eased some of the restrictions we have seen a few clusters of positive cases the biggest being connected to pubs in Aberdeen resulting in most of the restrictions being put back in place. That one weekend has resulted in 198 positive cases so far and over a 1000 close contacts now in 14 day lockdown.

    The winter is going to be interesting with us as along comes colds and flue so there is an expectation that we will continue to see clusters.

    Stay safe.


  • We're at the end of winter now here in Australia and although one of our most populated states is dealing with a terrible second wave of covid, flu numbers are down to almost nothing this season.

    The reopening of pubs and restaurants has played a big role in driving the second wave here and has pretty much proven that covid is far more easily spread than first thought.

  • Hi near neighbour Lolie. How was your PET scan? (Don't say if you don't want to!) I hope it's all over now and the results are back quickly. My blood test is just over a month away and I think about it every day. Quite annoying actually. I need to get out more, but am careful these days! Where I live is Level 2, Auckland is Level 3. You might have read that our election has been postponed a month. Best wishes, Wombles.