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We are struggling - update.

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Hello everyone.

I wrote a while back that we were struggling so felt it was time for an update.

Life is perhaps more complicated now but that’s simply because by asking for help we are inundated with help! Yesterday was the community physio with lots of helpful tips then she referred us to the community dietician who’ll be helping me make up a calorie loading diet for hubby. In the afternoon social services rang to say hubby has now been assigned a social worker. 

My point being that by asking for help from our assigned nurse in the haematology team help is coming. A lot of the things have been done over the last couple of years but it seems that everyone is now on the same page and hopefully now it will settle down. This has all helped tremendously as hubby feels now that I’m being supported in the way he has always supported me. 

He was struck down with a bad chest infection which is now responding to antibiotics and this morning he has managed to get downstairs and make me a coffee which is such progress.

I hope this helps someone else. It seems that once you ask and lay yourselves open then help will be available. We are not out of the woods yet but  we can see a little sunshine now.

Best wishes everyone.

June and Gordon 

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Hi ,

That's really good news.

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