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Emotional issues

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Waiting for results

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I know that everyone here has probably been through the same thing waiting for tests results .

 I'm currently 12weeks post treatment and got myself ready to receive my results tomorrow but the appointment got cancelled and just to go to hospital nearby on Wednesday for them.

I know its just an extra day but minds are powerful tools and mine has just went into overdrive 

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Hi , I hear you and yes these times are hard especially when an appointment gets put back.

The battle between your ears is real and hard to control but control it you must as you will just ware yourself out.

Over my many years walking the cancer journey I actually have a view that if there is very bad news I would get ‘the’ phone call “Come straight up to the clinic - now!!” and I have had a few of these calls.

Regardless of the stress you put yourself under it won’t make any difference to what you will be told on Wednesday....... good news - great...... challenging news!!.... then be prey to ask what the next step is?

Looking for good news for you ((hugs))

Mike - Thehighlander

It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela