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Feeling useless

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Hi I seem to have hit a really low point this week, I feel so useless at the moment, I'm in my 4th week of chemo, my hair is coming out im either being sick or trying to sleep where I'm so exhausted and in pain, I'm not used to having my partner, family or friends having to help me, is it just me that feels like this, and if not please can anyone tell me their coping strategies? Thank you

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Dear rach, everything your feeling right now is completely normal, it takes a while for the body and mind to adjust to a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Are you taking steroids as part of your regimen, as they can have various side effects. My strategy was to roll with the punches, if your having a bad day go with it, pull the duvet up and rest. If your feeling ok make sure you leave the house and go for a walk no matter how short. Try to have a daily routine that is realistic to stick to and think of things to treat yourself when you feel well enough to enjoy them. As for your hair, I know it is demoralising, I didn’t wear a wig as it was winter and that made it a little bit easier as I could wear a hat when I went out. It’s a big adjustment allowing people to help you but as long as you set boundaries this will be ok, you need to continue to do things for yourself when you can but not be Joan of Arc when you are very unwell ! ! You will get through this I promise, you are much more resilient than you might imagine.

best wishes


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