Feeling down

Hi my partner has cancer and also just found out my mum has leukaemia I work full time at the moment me and partner do not live together iam finding it so hard to cope looking after 2 pooly people plus work full time. It’s so hard juggling everything 

  • Hi Joanne, welcome to the community.

    Tho I'm sorry to hear about your partner n mum. Is your dad around or anyone else in the family/ friends who can share the looking after?

    You might find it useful to join our Family and friends group or the Carers only  group, to get support for yourself. Also the relevant group for your mum's cancer type and the Leukaemia group for those in a similar situation to your mum n partner.

    If u put  a bit in your profile it'll help others to know where you're coming from too.

    It's worth telling your employer you're currently a carer - most are sympathetic to carers n maybe yours can adjust your hours or help in some other way?

    Try asking the helpline as to what u can expect from them.

    Ring on 0808 808 0000, 8am to 8pn 7 days a week.

    Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
  • Hi Joanna 

    I’m sorry to hear what your going through right now, it must be very tough. I found out recently that my partner has prostate cancer and it hit us both very hard as we had no idea it was that.

    We have had quite a few tearful days and lots of cuddles. We both work too so are having to juggle the finances while he takes time off for treatment too and that is adding to the upset too.

    I have found this site very helpful and also the cancer nurses at the hospital are lovely and very helpful too.

    I hope you can find the help you need, be strong and remember to take each day as it comes as I find that helps.

    All the best xx