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As I get up each day

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As I get up.

As I stretch and start to yawn

I realise that it`s just past dawn

My head still fuzzy from the sleep

Out the window, my eyes peep


To my surprise a blazing sun

Rising, the day`s now begun

Not a cloud for miles to see

What has this day in store for me


So, I shit and shower and shave

Excuse the French I will behave

Put on my shorts and old tee-shirt

With thoughts of exercise, I flirt


Maybe just a coffee first

before my energetic burst

A bowl of fruit and wholegrain oats

I`m sure this stuff is meant for goats


So, breakfast done and cleared away

It`s time to start upon my day

The exercise it won`t take long

It`s always better with a song


So, belting out some favourite sound

My road to health I start to pound

Sit-ups squats and all the rest

I`m not much good but try my best



The doctors say it’s good for me

Although results I fail to see

So now it`s time to pop my pills

If not, they say that cancer kills


A dozen pills go down my neck

And as I`m thinking what the heck

It`s mainly vitamins I need

If the doctors I do heed


But much of what they say isn’t true

So here`s a word of caution too

Be positive of thought and mind

And on your body please be kind


Take your vitamins each day

Exercise and try to stay

As fit and strong as you can be

Cos you will need your energy


To fight daily this deadly curse

Believe me there is nothing worse

Than giving up and giving in

That’s not an option that`s a sin



Fight each day in every way

So that on this great earth you`ll stay

To see your kids and theirs grow old

 And as you watch their lives unfold



Believe in God or what´s his name

And teach your kids to do the same

For only he can cure this curse

Without him, life would be much worse


I hope you like my little verse.

copyright Ross A

positivity is the key to longevity. 
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Hi writer, how about posting this in Express yourself with your other piece?

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.