Upset over nothing

Sometimes I find myself getting upset over nothing. Think it reminds me of when I was younger. Odd how long we hold onto those emotional reactions isn't it? Even when they're no longer appropriate or helpful. We just " get our buttons pressed" n off we go - in automatic. Why don't we just grow  up n deal with it?!

  • Hi,

    Sometimes people refer to emotions as being something like a leaky bucket, we can all take a certain degree of pressure indeed too little pressure can result in us feeling bored or somehow undervalued but then something unexpected can come along and overwhelm us. Sometimes we manage to find a new normal but then something we would have taken in our stride before is now enough to tip us over - it become easy then to focus on the straw that broke us rather than the bigger issues.

    Perhaps the key thing to notice though is that you are aware of these issue - this is really positive as it shows you are really doing a fantastic job in next to impossible circumstances, be proud of that.



  • cut yourself some slack  Our emotions anxiety have to have some sort of release im sure the people your losing your patience with and getting upset over little things  is just your brains way of dealing with the big things in the spurts you can handle