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Coping with dreadful lymphoedema

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My lovely friend is 10 years on from stage 3 breast cancer.  She had a lumpectomy with lymph node removal at the time.  She's been a real coper and has kept the oedema at bay for all these years.  Now it's really bad and the therapies she was relying on are no longer working and she spends up to 8 hours a day massaging her arm and using a specialised laser (used in oedema prevention in antipodean countries I understand) to attempt to keep the swelling at bay but it's defeating her.

My friend's also recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  It's a terrible blow for her and she is no longer coping emotionally and is at her wit's end.  Anyone who's been through anything similar, please offer some advice, especially in coping with or treating oedema as it is this that dominates each and every day. Thank you. I'll pass on any helpful comments; right now she so overwhelmed I don't think she could post herself.

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I have lymphedema in my legs due cancer of the cervix and chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Thankfully the cancer has gone but I panic over every ache and pain and lymphedema.

I went to a lymphedema clinic in October and they gave me stockings which were soooooo tight, they gave my legs cramp which was dreadfully painful.

I find the lymphedema comes and goes and I don't know why. I haven't been told or given any massage techniques. It's a strange thing. Sometimes my legs are disproportionate to my body and I don't want to go back to clinic only be given stockings again.

I am sorry I haven't been any help. 

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