Emotional issues

Cancer can be emotionally draining, but sharing your feelings can help you and others in your situation. Talk about it here.

Sudden feelings of anger and despair

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Hi Handsone,

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer (2cm) in April last year, and had chemotherapy/radiotherapy and like you I’m  HER2+ however I’m doing so much better, 12th injection yesterday another 6 to go! I never thought I’d get to where I am today but I’m back at work, although it was tough returning to my job, it helped me realise I was doing okay. At the beginning of treatment I kept thinking this will never end as I so desperately wanted normal again meaning I wanted my life with my family and friends and my work. I now had endless hospital appointments, chemo side effects, anxiety and stress and loneliness I’d never experienced before. My husband and sons were amazing. They attended chemo visits, made me delicious meals, helped me bath and told me how much they love me but I felt I didn’t want to burden them with my fears as I could see they were worried. I attended a HOPE course run by MacMillian at my local hospital. It was the best decision I’d made since my diagnosis. I was able to be totally honest about my fears and speak openly about the anger I felt. I’m feeling hopeful and I’ve truly learnt loads about myself and yes I’m kinder to myself these days. My hair is growing back and I’ve this pixie look which I love now and would never have tried before. I wish you all the best with your treatment. 



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Hi Cooper11 wow you have made me feel so much better. I  am trying to take things a week at a time and have my 2nd Herceptin injection tomorrow. My chemo finishes on the 19th June but it feels like I’ve still got such a long way to go . 

I am managing to work 2 mornings  a week which is good but I am tired and abit up and down still.

i will look at the Hope course as I think it will help me and I am being kind to myself ,