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just need a little rant. I’ve just spent all day at the hospital with my husband having his chemotherapy. Came home and put our 3 daughters to bed then opened the post only to discover a religious leaflet sent anonymously to my husband with the title-are you ready to die? I didn’t show this to my husband, this is the third time we’ve received one of these, I don’t know who is sending them. Perhaps they mean we’ll but we are not a religious family and I feel offended and angry that someone is sending these personally to us at a time when our family has been devastated by this cruel disease. My husbands cancer is not curable and I think, how dare someone think they have the right to impose their views on us. I just put them in the bin but wonder if there is any other way of dealing with this, there is no church or address /name on them, which annoys me even more. 

One day at a time.......
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Hi 0802bernies that is shocking and how awful for you to get things like this in the post.

Im wondering though if the Post Office might be able to trace the sender for you as they will have had to process this and may have some idea where it is coming from. Worth a try and  hope that you manage to get this stopped.

Sending very best wishes your way.xxxx

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That is disgusting that you are getting these. If you get another one I would suggest you contact the police as this is harassment at best. They may be able to find out who is doing it or at least kick royal mails arse about it.

i am so sorry you are having to deal with this.

good luck