Hi All

Well I had my last day in the office for a while. Shame, I really enjoy my job and the distraction. I had to get a grip when leaving so as not to have a boohoo in public.

I had 10 weeks off last May/June/July for treatment then did a 4 week phased return and have been full time since, be it with a lot of holiday to take so many 4 day weeks which helped.

I found going back to 5 day weeks regularly post Xmas was tiring.

Now I have surgery next week and have to have 4 weeks off, maybe more. The one thing I forgot to say to them is once I have had the surgery and anything they take biopsied, this could mean more chemotherapy or immunotherapy etc. So not sure how up to work I will feel. 

It got me wondering about others and if they still work now? if they reduced their hours? Or if post diagnosis etc it was too much for them and they no longer work?

I find it difficult, the brain is still completely active but the body struggles to keep up at times.

  • Hi Gina,

    i had 3 months off after my first SCT and eleven months off after my second SCT. I was not the same person after my second SCT (more tired, not as psychologically robust) and my relationship with work had changed. Now it is all about getting the money and getting out of there as quickly as I can. The long period of absence pushed me to think about what I really valued in life, and work was not it. I still need to pay the bills though and the distraction is good, so I work 4 days a week at the moment. I think it is really hard being diagnosed young as all the normal career goals of my peer group are not now something I can keep up with. This can cause frustration and resentment but I try to remind myself that this was the hand I was given, I am still alive and have a lot to be thankful for.

    All the best