Diagnosed at a young age

If you're diagnosed with cancer at a young age, you might have very specific concerns as to its impact - this group's a space for those diagnosed at a young age to share and talk about their experiences with others of a similar age.

living with rare cancer for 19 years and recently found out my dad has a incurable brain tumor and desiease under the tumor

Hannah 2
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hi i joined this group as im going through a rough time i had cancer when i was 4 and have been living with half of the tumor for 19 years . few month ago we found out my dad has an icurable brain tumor and a disease under tge tumor thats going down his spine . finding it hard seeing him get worse and change and knowing its going to get worse and at some point we will losr him which im not prepared for. we were told 12 months. everyone says to me its not set and could live for years but they dont understand theres 2 things slowly killing him . i feel like  it should of been me to have it again that i could fight it but im trying to hide the pain. teying to hide my fustration that hes not doing his exsersizes that will help him be fit enough for treatment . i live with my partner away from my family with no friends noone to talk to that gets it .