Diagnosed at a young age

If you're diagnosed with cancer at a young age, you might have very specific concerns as to its impact - this group's a space for those diagnosed at a young age to share and talk about their experiences with others of a similar age.

Unknown stage of melanoma

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Hey guys I am new to this and just signed up a few minutes ago. I’m 23 years old and in June told I had melanoma. I had it removed in May and in August I had another opp to go deeper and a lymth node biopsy. I am getting my results in a couple of weeks. If treatment was an option, would have I got told about this possibility rather than waiting until my results? I’m just curious if I will be getting treatments or not 

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I just thought I'd let you know that you've had a couple of replies to this question in the melanoma group in case you haven't seen them.


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