Diagnosed at a young age

If you're diagnosed with cancer at a young age, you might have very specific concerns as to its impact - this group's a space for those diagnosed at a young age to share and talk about their experiences with others of a similar age.

copying with cancer and daily life

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My friend has been diagnosed with advanced cancer, is hard for her to cope with it She adolescent can some of the adolescents in this condition tell me how some of you manage to cope with such illness tell me what are your coping strategies and how do you adjust around it 

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I'm sorry that you haven't had an answer yet - and that I'm way too old to be able to help you directly on this one. I'm not sure how busy this group is but looking at the recent threads, it does look like it's not the most lively of our forums.

Can I make a suggestion please? If you tell us what sort of cancer your friend has, I might be able to point you to the most relevant group for that type of cancer and maybe, if we're lucky, we'll find you some younger members who can help you out. I would guess that coping strategies aren't only about how old you are - whether they are 8 or 80 people still have to find a way to get through their cancer experience.

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