Diagnosed at a young age

If you're diagnosed with cancer at a young age, you might have very specific concerns as to its impact - this group's a space for those diagnosed at a young age to share and talk about their experiences with others of a similar age.

Any advice please?

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Hi, I've recently turned 23. In April this year, I had laparoscopic surgery to have a 28cm ovarian cyst removed as well as one of my ovaries, and this cyst was sent off to be tested. On Friday last week, I was called back into the hospital to be told that there was a tumour/cancer in the cyst - but for some reason this was never picked up in the scans I'd had back in November last year when they first found the cyst. And I have abnormal cells in my body which now need to be monitored through blood tests every few months.

Has anyone been through anything similar? Because my brain has been all over the place since Friday. 

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Hi Em, 

I'm really sorry to hear your news. I notice your post is from a little while back and so I hope things are going well and mentally you are now in a better place. 

I had my appendix removed in April and several scans were conducted before surgery. I experienced difficulties after the surgery and continued to display concerning symptoms months after. Unfortunately after further tests it turned out I had a large tumour in my bowel. This was not picked up in any of the scans I had previously. 

It's massive news and a difficult thing for anybody to go through. From my experience I was very stressed and am still in quite a dark place mentally. However after joining the site and speaking to people here with similar circumstances and understand you it has made a big difference and ive decided to do something about my state of mind. 

I've come to realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that the right mentality will go a long way to dealing with this. 

Wishing you all the best


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hello, am devastated to get all that you are going through for it pretty much similar to what my mum went through earlier these year on march 2nd,she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer,fibromylgia and with the growing tumor in her  cyst had both of them removed .It was a pretty much painful process for her and i as well i must say.right now we are both doing our best to get her survive the lung cancer she has now. Not long ago i came across these product upon doing research which i can say greatly helps her through all that shes going through. All i can say to you is keep some faith and hope you will be fine in time okay.stay blessed

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Hi Micheltrick,

Thank you very much for your message. 

I am very sorry to hear about your mum and I hope she is feeling as good as she possibly can. 

It's a terrible thing to happen to anybody and from seeing how much it rocked my wife and family I can completely understand how difficult news like that can be to deal with.

The main thing is to stay positive for yourself and also for the people around you, from being in a really bad way only a month ago I have tried to bounce back and put a positive spin on every little thing like I normally would. Little things like that have made a huge difference. 

Please keep me updated with how your mum is getting on and remember that if you or anyone need to talk then there are lots of people here who would be happy to talk to you and try to make you feel better. Sometimes sharing your experience with someone is all you need to do. 

All the best :)