1st chemotherapy EC this Wednesday.

Still getting used to this, thought I'd posted in this group, but it had gone to main Breast Cancer group.  hi all, I start my chemotherapy this Wednesday, I will be having 6 cycles of EC. I have met my nurse who will be looking after me during this time.   Have also had a couple of coffee meetings with the lovely Mrs D (Pat) who has shared some of her knowledge and experiences. Hoping I won't react too badly and am on top form again at the weekend so I can go watch the Superbikes at Cadwell Park on Sunday with my amazing partner who will be going with me on Wednesday for my first session. I am sure I will be a regular visitor to this group this month and a few more x

  • Sara, I was given ondanestron, dexamethasone and metocoopramide for anti sickness, and a Difflam mouth wash, which I have used as I got oral thrush on day 4. My meds kept everything at bay and am hoping they wil on 2nd cycle next week too x

  • hi Fifi1716 hoping you are okay thinking about you after your trip to hairdressers yesterday xx

  • Anne-Elizabeth, I am gradually getting used to things. My wig is taking some getting used to, it is the same colour as I was but a slightly different style, I couldn't get one exact. I am wearing scarves around the house, my friend Pat (Mrs D) had lent me some along with my wig stand.  I still shock myself when I look in the mirror at my shaved head but it is getting easier. I just keep reminding myself it is all for a reason.  Today I am having a MavMillan Coffee morning, so I am keeping busy x

  • Fifi - oh your hair - sorry to hear this - but I guess the drugs are working yes? I have been looking at wigs but not committed yet but I have some scarves ready to go. I had my hair cut very short after the mx also, knowing the chemo was coming. There are some you tube videos that show clipping wigs back a bit so look a bit softer and also how tie scarves so give you good coverage - some ladies on another forum were discussing this.

    Sara - yes steroids and anti-sickness drugs before E (bright red and makes your pee red) then C. Oral anti-sickness and steroids to take home were same as Fifi - metoclopramide, dexamethasone and ondansetron. 3-5 days. I can take meto (anti-sickness) then if required. 

    Onc said 7-14 days post-cycle is when you might feel the lowest (immunity and fatigue) but currently (fingers, toes and all other bits crossed) post 9-days 1st EC I am doing okay. Doing usual things including going for a bike ride this evening. 

    dac xx