1st chemotherapy EC this Wednesday.

Still getting used to this, thought I'd posted in this group, but it had gone to main Breast Cancer group.  hi all, I start my chemotherapy this Wednesday, I will be having 6 cycles of EC. I have met my nurse who will be looking after me during this time.   Have also had a couple of coffee meetings with the lovely Mrs D (Pat) who has shared some of her knowledge and experiences. Hoping I won't react too badly and am on top form again at the weekend so I can go watch the Superbikes at Cadwell Park on Sunday with my amazing partner who will be going with me on Wednesday for my first session. I am sure I will be a regular visitor to this group this month and a few more x

  • Wishing you good luck with your first chemo session and hope there will be no side effects . I found out today I will be  starting my chemo in two weeks hoping my partner will be with me for the first session too !

    There is a lot of good support and advice on this site , we can help each other to.get through this journey .. 

    Take care and post how it goes x 


  • Hi Moonshine.  My session yesterday seemed to go well. It is very daunting walking in for you first time but at our unit everyone was amazing, true Angels, right down to the volunteer making teas. Every thing was explained clearly and repeated several times.  I was very tired last night, but probably due to not sleeping well the night before.  So fell asleep for 2 hours after my tea, then didn't sleep well last night, que sera.  Woke up this morning and at the moment I feel fine, although I have made myself a cup of tea and it doesn't taste quite right! Wasn't expecting that to happen so quickly !  Oh well ! X

  • Hi  Fifi good to hear your session went well and everyone was amazing . How long were you there for ?

     Hope alls still ok and you are sleeping .

    I've been told about how it changes your taste and to eat little snacks .

    I'm still waiting for my start date for chemo depending on my  nfected stitches ,  which seem to be healing  , with the aid of dressings of silver ! 

    Take care we will get through all this together xx 


  • Hi, we were there about 2 hrs.  The anti sickness medications have done there job.  The mornings my head was a bit spaced out and I hit periods of tiredness each day.  The first morning my cup of tea didnt taste right.  This morning was my best morning, I felt my usual self, then realised my tongue was all furred up, oral thrush, so I am using the mouth wash they gave me.  Just hope it doesn't flare up,and get sore.  Sleep hasn't been a problem.  Just make sure you take the anti sickness mess they give you and drink plenty of fluids x

  • Hi Fifi

    Just to let you know first EC yesterday (followed you here from our earlier exhange, which was actually my first post too!) Okay so far. Staff all completely brilliant and I was well fed and tea'd. Feel a bit foggy and have total desert mouth but okay really (long may that last!) I am  peeing like a race horse from all the water I am drinking too  and using biosen mouthwash for dry mouth. Off on a bike ride later :) Hope you okay? Moonshine good luck on your first chemo too! dac

  • Hi Daco, glad it went well for you. I was good second day and managed a good walk but tiredness hit day 3.  I continued with tiredness right up,to day 7, but if that is the main side effect I suffer I will be happy with that. I am now day 10, still got all my hair even though for the past 3 days I have had to wash it every day as it goes really lank and horrible. I have my wig ready at the shop ready for me when needed..  I felt also better eating little and often rather than trying to eat a full meal, which I would manage but then feel offish afterwards.  Appetite at its best today !  Hope you continue to feel relatively well x

  • Hi Fifi - ahh will watch my tiredness tomorrow! The nurse did say I would be on a bit of a steroid high for 2 days! You are very organised getting a wig already. I bought some scarves so far. Did you cold cap? I decided to, well for first. It wasn't that bad (first 15 minutes mostly) but does prolong your stay in hospital! Glad you seem to being doing okay too and I hope that continues...

  • Hi Fifi and Daco 

    Wow you both are very positive and seem to be doing so well with your chemo thanks for all the info and well done . 

    I am due to start my first session of EC chemo on Wednesday 9th September ,  depending on my  infected leg stitches healing in time , fingers crossed ,I go to the hospital on the Monday before to get the go ahead ! 

    I feel it's like waiting for my operation all over again guess it's the unknown that's scary however all you lovey people on here really help to reassure on this rollercoaster of a journey thanks sooooooo much .

    keep strong and sending you both good vibes x 

  • Hi all, I am due to start 4x EC chemo on 11th sep, followed by 4x Paclitaxel (taxol) at the Marsden. For those that have already started chemo are steroids automatically given prior to chemo & have you found this helps with sickness & general pick-you-up? Which anti-emetics have been given? Notice that Dacness had dry mouth- were you given Cyclizine for sickness as this can cause dry mouth? I'm very nervous about chemo as foresee getting every side effect known!!!

    It's good to join this group with everyone else going through same chemo & the mutual support :) 

  • Hi all, I am 15 days post first EC cycle. This morning I have started to lose my hair. My scalp was very tender last night and this morning when I woke. When I washed my hair I noticed the hairs being washed away, not in large clumps but enough to know. It has continued when I've combed it etc, so I have rung the hairdressers who have my wig waiting, I am going down at 10.30, they will shave my head and fit my wig at the same time. I don't want  to leave it and see it coming out in clumps, I've decided to take control !  Think it may be emotional. I am feeling fine at the moment, but not sure how I will feel later. Wish me luck !

  • Sara, I was given ondanestron, dexamethasone and metocoopramide for anti sickness, and a Difflam mouth wash, which I have used as I got oral thrush on day 4. My meds kept everything at bay and am hoping they wil on 2nd cycle next week too x

  • hi Fifi1716 hoping you are okay thinking about you after your trip to hairdressers yesterday xx

  • Anne-Elizabeth, I am gradually getting used to things. My wig is taking some getting used to, it is the same colour as I was but a slightly different style, I couldn't get one exact. I am wearing scarves around the house, my friend Pat (Mrs D) had lent me some along with my wig stand.  I still shock myself when I look in the mirror at my shaved head but it is getting easier. I just keep reminding myself it is all for a reason.  Today I am having a MavMillan Coffee morning, so I am keeping busy x

  • Fifi - oh your hair - sorry to hear this - but I guess the drugs are working yes? I have been looking at wigs but not committed yet but I have some scarves ready to go. I had my hair cut very short after the mx also, knowing the chemo was coming. There are some you tube videos that show clipping wigs back a bit so look a bit softer and also how tie scarves so give you good coverage - some ladies on another forum were discussing this.

    Sara - yes steroids and anti-sickness drugs before E (bright red and makes your pee red) then C. Oral anti-sickness and steroids to take home were same as Fifi - metoclopramide, dexamethasone and ondansetron. 3-5 days. I can take meto (anti-sickness) then if required. 

    Onc said 7-14 days post-cycle is when you might feel the lowest (immunity and fatigue) but currently (fingers, toes and all other bits crossed) post 9-days 1st EC I am doing okay. Doing usual things including going for a bike ride this evening. 

    dac xx