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PICC line problems?

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Friday 9th April I went for a central line, but was told I couldn't have one at the moment as there is to much swelling in my chest, the docs opted for a PICC line, which I wasn't thrilled about due to the problems last time.

I had it done, and nurse announced he had got it in 1st time.

As the weekend wore on and my arm was killing - me unable to bend or straighten it properly - I noticed a bruise a few inches lower than the entrance site, half underneath the statlock (device used to keep the PICC line in place - it is stuck to the skin like a plaster).
This bruise continued to develop, and spread a little way up my arm, and is bloody sore.
It looks like (and a nurse also said) that it was a failed attempt at getting the line in - so really it took 2 attempts, but i didn't feel it because of the local anasthetic!
That bruise is now very sore!

There is also a slight bruise on the lower half of my arm (PICC line is in upper arm).

I had chemo on Monday, where the area was cleaned, and re-dressed.

The dressing is causing me pain and itching, but the statlock seems to be the worst! It seems to be 'tight', and pulling at my skin!

The muscle in that arm has also gone very tight!

I've undone the main dressing as much as I can around the bottom of the statlock, but the bruises are extremely sore, and im struggling to bend/straighten my arm etc.

Saw nurses at the hospice today who said it all looked fine, and i've taken my temp which is normal.

There is a little blood around the wound - which is to be expected I suppose.

Seeing district nurse on Monday to flush the line.

I have been putting heat packs on in an evening for 15 mins or so, but they don't seem to be doing anything.


Anyone have any advice?! Thanks!