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Brest cancer gift for friend

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Hi. A friend of mine is currently undergoing her penultimate round of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  She’s a young vibrant 40 year old.  As I’m sure you are aware the chemo knocks her for six, leaves her exhausted and feeling sick.  I want to make a basket of gifts but things she will find will help her feel better (if there is any such thing).  I currently have sea bands for the nausea and a pretty bandana for her hair loss and a lovely red lipstick (her fav colour).  Can anyone tell me is there anything they used which they found particularly helpful please that I could get for the basket??  She will be having a mastectomy further down the line.  Thank you so much x

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Warm welcome to the Mac Community - Everyone should have a friend like you 

You could check out this Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) website to see if they have any free workshops in your area coming up soon ?

They are a cancer patient charity that seem to be very popular with the ladies in the Breast Group and you come away with a bagful of high value goodies.

You could also join the Breast Group and ask this question there to get some replies from those who have been or other choices for a feel better basket.

Hope this is of some help, G n' J