Hair loss tips anyone?

Hi everyone, 

I'm new to this group and am currently waiting to have my first lot of Chemotherapy (Paclitaxel and Carboplantin) after having a Hysterectomy early December for Endometrial cancer.

I'm trying to stay positive by planning ahead and looking at different ways to keep my spirits up (as well as the very scary research into the serious stuff) I know I'm going to lose my hair so although I'm dreading it, I'm trying to see the positives too. I've wanted to stop dying my hair for a long time and have been stuck with the same hair style for the last 10 years! Not to appear flippant you understand; I know everyone deals with trauma (and it is traumatic!) in different ways, humour and a touch of stoicism seems to work for me at the moment.

I've been told I can get a voucher for a free wig & fitting and am looking forward to going to a 'Look good feel good' session when the time is right.

I'd be really grateful to hear how other forum members have dealt with hair loss, wigs, scarves etc and any tips and hints would be most welcome. 

The odd funny story wouldn't go amiss!

Love Tracey Slight smile

  • Hello Tracey B, my first chemo was on the 14th of August last year, two weeks later my hair started falling out, as I was expectIng it I didn’t find it particularly traumatic more annoying with hairs falling inside my clothes! I should say I have fairly short hair, which I had trimmed at the end of June in readiness! As the pictures of wigs I saw look rather well groomed and I’m more of a dab of mousse and run my fingers through my hair person,I decided to give the wigs a miss and wear a baseball cap when I’m out or a warm beanie when it’s cold,I also searched on Amazon for soft beanies which are very comfortable and I wear indoors when I’m feeling chilly. As I had a ‘break’ after 3 chemo to have a de bulking hysterectomy my hair started growing again however after two of my second lot of three chemo treatment my hair is well and truly depleted! Many people have told me that very short hair suits me, although one person was more upset than I have ever been over my hair loss. I have my last chemo on Monday followed by a year on avastin. Hope you don’t  find it traumatic, just something that is temporary experience. Best wishes Jifftiff 

  • Hi Tracey

    My hair fell out 2 weeks after I started chemo in November. The falling out stage was irritating as even with very short hair I found it stuck to my skin in the shower and I got hair in my mouth in bed. In the end I got fed up with it. Years ago my husband bought a dog grooming kit which included clippers. We never used it on the dog so I got it out and clipped off what was left. Very satisfying. And so easy I might now try it on Ella the spaniel.

    I thought I would just use scarves but I found them a nuisance...also they look better when they partially cover your ears and I found that my ears, squashed between my glasses and my scarf got sore. So I got a wig on the NHS. NHS covered £100 of the cost and I paid the additional £19. It is great. I have no embarrassment if it slips or falls off as all my friends have seen my with scarves and know the situation. It is easy to care for. Looks remarkably like my hair as it was before and is comfortable except for a bit of itching.

    I am on different chemo that you are going to have but overall I have found it much easier than I thought it would be. The first week after the chemo I am very very tired  but I have 3 weekly cycles and by the end of the cycle I am feeling pretty good. It obviously varies from person to person but I find it also varies from cycle to cycle.

    I hope all goes well. I totally agree humour is a very good approach to this very difficult journey,

    best wishes


  •  Hi Tracey

    I've got addicted to wigs,great pink ,blue,blonde with dark roots,grey blonde Bob cheapies from A-Z On line company.Best one is the Rachel Welch Editor's Pick Brown rooted with highlights purchased with NHS voucher and some more.People don't know which alter ego they are going to Great fun.They also keep your head warm in this awful weather.

  • Sounds good. Would like some more wigs. Which sites do you recommend please?

    Babs Hearts

    Every day is a new day Hearts
  • I used Amazon other sites are available.The Haircube ones and Vebonney ones are lovely and inexpensive starting at £16.99.

  • Hi Tracey, 

    Sorry I can't offer you any advice as I'm going to be having chemo for recurrent cancer in my pelvic area. I'll be on the same treatment as yourself so all I can do is wish you well... 

    Love and hugs, 

    Jaynie. x

    Not giving up fighting. This is gonna make me stronger

  • I am starting the same treatment as you next Monday after also having a hysterectomy in early December.  I have very long hair and have decided I want to donate my ponytail to The Little Princess Trust.  I'm just trying to find someone who will cut it for me as soon as it starts to fall out and leave me with a decent short haircut until I lose the lot, without charging me a fortune!  At least by doing this some good is coming out of my situation.  I've also been told today that I will be able to get a free wig so I'm looking forward to experimenting with that :) I've bought a pack of headwraps from Amazon, in loads of different colours for when I'm not using the wig - I'll probably only bother with it when I'm "going out".

  • Hi Jifftiff Slight smile

    Thanks for telling your story... fab to hear you've had your last chemo!

    I totally get what you mean about other people getting more upset... I struggle to know what to say. I usually end up trying to reassure them so they don't look at me with puppy eyes and a 'poor you' look on their face. 

    I too have trimmed my hair and have kind of disowned it in preparation for the big chop next week! There's a lot going on in a week's time (birthday and family get together and relatives visiting over 5 days) and I don't want to be moulting around everyone so I'm going to get the clippers out and do it myself. I'm bricking it on one hand but relieved that I've made the decision on the other. I've got a selection of beanies, woolly hats and some scarves to play around with and have a wig which, even if I do say so myself, is pretty damn cute ha ha!

    All the best!

    Tracey x

    Tracey B :)

  • Hi Sue,

    After reading your post and some others I've decided to get my clippers out too... thanks for the inspiration!

    I've also got my wig, which I'm really pleased with! I too topped up my NHS voucher and also had it trimmed to suit.  I'm remaining open minded about how often I'll use it as I've only tried it on with hair not a bald head and I know it'll feel quite different. 

    I had my first cycle of chemo 5 days ago and feel more fatigued today than previous days. It's interesting to hear to feel better nearer to the end of the cycle. I too am on 3 weekly cycles so I'm hoping I'll see a bit of a pattern so I can plan ahead for a couple of 'nice days'.

    Did you get to try the clippers out on Ella??? Slight smile


    Tracey x

    Tracey B :)

  • Hi RJA123,

    What a lovely idea to donate your ponytail... not sure where you live but looking at the Little Princess Trust website FAQs there are salons in London and the South East that will cut your hair for free.

    I got my free wig a couple of weeks ago and its much better than I expected! I did add a little to the NHS Voucher and was able to claim half of the extra back off my health insurance.

    Have fun experimenting!

    Tracey x

    Tracey B :)