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Painful scalp

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Just finished my first 3 week cycle. I have had bad scalp pain. Has anyone else had this? And more scarily is the hair less permanent? 


Hi your post inspired me to sign up to Macmillan.I have just had 2 Fec on 3rd and my only symptom has been itchy irritated scalp,little like neddles or feathers being dug in.

Lol husband went to bed with Trump comb over look alike and woke up with Rab C Nesbitt!! Hair going like a very bad perm.I haven't shaved yet as where it has fallen is smooth and silky,no pain.Got Brighton Belle pink wig ready,along with Pompey Lil blue.Proper one on order Raquel Welsh Voltage.

Looking forward to when it grows back.

P.s couldn't do cold cap don't do brain freeze.

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I’ve just finished my second cycle and I’ve had the itch and irritation too as my hair falls out. my hair is (was) thick and quite wiry and curly so I think this may add to the irritation.  Cold cap wasn’t available for me - my chemo regime - Etoposide and Carboplatin defeats it apparently. I was expecting ting my hair to go quite quickly but it’s hanging in there - wispy but still present. I’ve also got a crazy wig on order - platinum blonde and electric blue (my natural colour is red). I’ve also bought some cashmere beanies from M&S sale lovely and soft as well as some soft jersey chemo caps from amazon, as my head feels v cold when I go out. I wish my head was attractive enough to go bald but it’s shaped like a breeze block so I’m going for the cover up!


Yes I'm going for different alter images,just ordered a navy Fedora hat to go with Lil.I've had alopecia in small on and off all my life,always grown back curly and stronger.

Some of those cheapy wigs are amazing.

Main shead started day 17.


Lost my spelling too lol