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I’ve completed FEC part of my treatment & coped well. I had my 1st of 3 docetaxol treatments on Friday & now all the steroids have worn off I feel like I’ve been in the ring with a Mike Tyson! Also my jaw, neck, throat hurt too, is this normal? I hope it passes quite quickly.....


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Textbook Docetaxel I would say :-/

Takes 2-3 days to get fully into your system then you get aches like you have been hit by a truck.

If this is affecting your neck/throat I'm wondering if the steroids have killed off your normal good mouth bacteria and this is the start of oral thrush and/or mouth ulcers ? Have you a Chlorhexidine based mouth wash you can rinse with ?

Although this is the chemo group there is a regular chemo club within the breast group you joined that is totally breast cancer chemo related.

You can find the November Chemo Chat discussion clicking the coloured text link. When the page opens just reply to any of the messages there and yours will appear.

Loads of the ladies there are also having Docetaxel and can tell you how it was for them and give you some tips.

If you start to struggle do phone your Onco Unit and let them know how you are feeling.

Hope this is of some help, G n' J

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I’m on docetaxel for prostrate cancer. First few days a blur not making sense and tired. Day 3 to 5 aches initial cycles but after 3 was pain in ribs, hips and spine (where cancer has spread to) this required more than paracetamol, GP prescribed Tramadol which did the trick.

I use daily mouthwash (alcholhol free ) which helps. Generally the pain goes after a few days leaving aches but less pain.