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I thank nomore so Tuesday was myve some powerful sidct from the vinorelbine and a shot for my blood and Lord the pain medication I am so conspation all time my stomach hurts and no Dr can't find the cause

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IAM not taking chemo treatment after last week my Dr said it was stable and I am still going for blood work and Dr fellow up but thank God for this the chemo treatment I was on vinorelbine and nausea med ondansetron and s shot for my blood count and I have lots of conspation and hot flashes and my stomach hurts aweful and no Dr can find the cause I take pain meds also and that's conspation 

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Hello , welcome to the online community, I’m glad you made it here, and hope this is the beginning of getting support from others with a similar experience for you. It sounds good that you are stable and that Chemo is finished, however I remember once for me saying to someone I was stable and for me at the time it was a disappointment as I wanted to see a further reduction, so I’m hoping my words don’t upset you. I’m sorry to hear you are still in pain though and if I understand your post perhaps having side effects?

I looked to find your profile to see what type of cancer you had but you hadn’t completed it. I was thinking a cancer type group may bring the support that you need especially as you say you have finished chemo. So I thought I would see if I could give some tips on getting the best from the site. 

It helps others chatting to you if you complete your profileYou can update your profile by clicking on your name/avatar in the top right-hand side of the screen, then selecting 'Edit Profile.' This will bring up a form to edit your profile. Remember to click save afterwards. There’s no rush but it helps to put a little bit in about you no identifying info but just a bit about what brings you here. You can click on my user name to see mine, (it’s a bit long I should simplify it really but there’s no wrong or right here). Info to help with stuff is in the help section above.

Joining groups, you’ve found the cancer experiences to find this group chemo, there is also a cancer types which you can look through to find for your type, you can click on the link I’ve made and take a look.

when you find a group you want to join just purée join group and choose how often you are notified of posts in the group so that you can join in with giving your experience to others as well.

Theres a Macmillan info and support section that may help for each cancer type and lots of helpful info for example this info on the drug I think you’ve been taking which includes a bit about having constipation as a common side effect and the suggestion of what to do if you are suffering from that. It may be action you have already taken but I thought the link might help.

The Macmillan support line is really helpful in addition to the help here from others affected by cancer.

Best wishes


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