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Deep cleaning house

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Hi All,

I have my first oncology appointment next week. I had a phone call from my auntie who has advised me that once chemo starts to

  • Deep clean the house and bleach everything
  • Make everyone use antibacterial gel as they come in
  • Dont go anywhere dirty (parents farm house is typical farm house)
  • Dont let anyone hug or touch you for a few days after treatment

Worried that I wont be able to hug my 6 year old....

Making me dread the chemo even more!! I know your immune system is diminished whilst getting does everyone else prep their house? Lol? Will need Mrs Hinch on the case!


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I think it’s about sensible precautions.  I did use hand gel and Dettol spray on hard surfaces ( a la Mrs Hinch!)

I avoided people with bugs but I did hug my husband!

My grandchildren had colds etc and I just stayed away from them. But that’s difficult if it’s your own child!

My understanding is that it’s around 10 days after treatment that your white cell count drops.  I bought a digital thermometer and took my temperature if I was worried.

The first cycle was the hardest as I didn’t know what to expect but you get phone numbers to use if you are worried about anything.

Fingers crossed all goes well!


Life is what happens when you are making other plans!  
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Hi MrsHBH. I agree with Jac above. They give you worst case scenarios, but common sense is the best way forward. Keep a handwash handy. As long as the kids don't have colds etc., a quick hug is usually fine. A good quality mouthwash used regularly usually helps and helps prevent mouth sores. There is a good community blog here worth having a look at, What should I take to treatment . And just be aware that the chemo lounges are usually upbeat and friendly and not all doom and gloom as you may expect. Best wishes.

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Hi MrsHbh 

I've been told, by a friend whos been through chemo in the past, to pop some hand gel by the front door.  I'm definitely stocking up on some of the spray too.  I've got a 3 year old and an 18 month old so am going to ask advice at my appointment on how to manage the dreaded nursery germs!! 

Hope you've had a good weekend

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Hope your appointment went well today.  I found out the chemo drugs I will be having yesterday and how many but still no start date. More waiting  

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Oh no! Waiting is the worst!

I'm getting folfox (if that's right ..something about a fox anyway). Getting a picc line on 4th June and then treatment starts 5th....every 2 weeks for 6 months. More than what I was expecting but I'll deal!

Hope you hear soon xxx


Jersey Lily
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Hi, I’ve been having Folfox every two weeks since end Feb...though the 3rd treatment was after 3 weeks & the 4th after 4 due to low neutrophils, just had no. 5. I didn’t spring clean the house or anything. I wash my hands constantly & encourage those around me to do the same. I don’t get close to anyone who has a cold etc, but I still go out & am often with groups of people. The best thing you can do is keeping your hands clean. I travelled by plane to a wedding when I had low neutrophils but wore a face mask which probably helped. Good luck!