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Sharps bin.. possibly silly question!

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Hi all

i had my second cycle on Friday, and have to inject myself Tuesday -Saturday. The hospital gave me sharps bin after my first cycle, so it already has a couple of used needles in. However.. I’m going to stay with my parents next weekend- when I still need to do the injections. 

Can I close the flap/lid on the bin to stop the needles coming out, and reopen once I’m at my parents.. or is it a case of once it’s closed, that’s it, not to be re-opened? 

Many thanks!

Claire x
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Once it's closed you can't reopen it.

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 I’ve had my sharps bin since I started chemo in January so it’s been closed and reopened loads and if they are like mine Filgrastrim the needle retracts into the needle guard so no actual sharp bit.

If your worried about it opening, stick abit of tape on I’m sure it will be fine though and enjoy the time with your parents.

Hugs Tina x