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Chemo delayed

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Hi just wondered if anyone out there has had to delay there chemo a week to ten days?

Just worried cancer will start to grow again! xx

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Hi - I’ve only just joined this group tonight but just wanted to say that I’m having weekly chemo for inflammatory breast cancer and after the first 2 treatments I had a delay of a week because I had an infection in my PICC line. I was extremely worried about the delay but was reassured by the Oncologist, the doctors who treated my infection and the nurses that it would not be a problem and that setbacks often happen. I’ve since had 2 more treatments (number 4 yesterday) and am back on track. I am lucky to be receiving excellent treatment on the NHS so am confident that they know what they are doing. I hope this reassures you. My sister-in-law (who has recently had the 5 years all clear) had her treatment delayed three times for over a week for various reasons and also said that unfortunately delays happen. Please try not to worry too much ( easy to say but harder to do I know) but ask the people who are involved in your care (I constantly ask and they are happy to help) 

Best Wishes xx 

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Thank you for your reply.... my chemo is every 3 weeks have HER2+ Breast Cancer

Just finished 3 EC Chemo sessions 

Next 4 sessions are Trastuzumab/Pertuzumab/Docetaxel so hopefully not too bad (heard a few scary stories on here though, but I know everyone reacts differently.

Delay of 11 days now due to wisdom tooth extracted(infection) and waiting on app for Contrast Echo

Oh well onwards and upwards xxx

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Every chemo I've had this year has been delayed by a week making it a four week cycle instead of three, due to waiting for my white blood cells to recover. Except after cycle number two I had an eight week gap to get my heart checked out. I had chemo number five today

 My onc said they delays wouldn't matter. Confusing, I know, but there you are.

As you say, upwards and onwards!

Love, Alison xxx