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Starting chemo tomorrow Eeeeeek !!

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Just wondering if there was anyone else out there starting chemo tomorrow ? I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb and have had a few surgeries but this is the one thing I have been dreading most ! Any advice would be greatly appreciated too !! 

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Warm welcome to Mac Towers; Home of the Scariest Roller Coaster :-/   you have found yourself in a great place for honest support and advice.

First off do join the very active (and friendly) Breast Group (clickable link) the join button is just under the groups title. This link is to the regular monthly July Chemo Club within the group where all the ladies who are having chemo at the moment (or have been there, done that) help with each other out.

There is a 'Chemo Tips' link in the very first message listing a few essentials you could buy to help ease any chemo side effects. To find the most recent messages use the black chevrons at the bottom of the page.

What chemo drugs regime are you on - FEC-T or a variation of that ?

Although you do get some rubbish days, the thought of facing chemo is worse in your head than the reality.

Take Care, G n' J