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Hello, has anyone had experience of folfox chemotherapy? Would like some advice on this type. My dad is about to go have this treatment then then a full stomach removal operation later this year.

Many thanks

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If this is the one with a pump & PICC at home (5FEU) plus an infusion every 2 weeks then I've just come to the end of short treatment. Side effects have been minimal. Some nausea and neuropathy. Also tired and occasionally weepy. Hard to tolerate cold - drinks, going in fridge etc.

But a doddle compared with previous regime with oxy via tablets - when grade 4 diarrhoea put me in hospital.....

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I had this after my anterior resection. Consists of an infusion in chemo ward for a few hours and a small pump connected via a picc line in arm for 48 hrs bit inconvenient but manageable. PICC line stays until end of chemo. Dressing on PICC line needs changing every week, my local district nurse came to my house to do this as well as removing pump.

Side effects very greatly depending on dosage and individual. Unfortunately I had a rare reaction to it but know many people who coped fine. Important thing is to make sure you know who your specialist nurse is at hospital and their contact details as well as chemo ward. They should of be told what  to expect if concerned make a phone call. I kept a detailed diary through chemo of what was happening to tell the oncologist. There is a lot they can do to help reduce side effects so make sure they know everything.

I still keep notes 2 years down the line and give a printed summary at my 6 month checkups.

Hope all goes well