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Fatigue during chemo

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Hi I am on my second cycle of chemo I got my sickness sorted after the first but how do you cope with the fatigue it hits me round about the 4th 5th day and I literally can't function I slept almost all day my body was so heavy I couldn't move. Is there any answer to this. My oncologist just said rest. But I'm sure there must be something... Thanks for any advise x

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I'm sorry to read that you're feeling so tired after chemo. I can't answer your question but have popped in from the melanoma group having noticed your post had gone unanswered.

I have found this information on coping with fatigue for you and hope this might give some help.

You could post your question in the ask a nurse section, where one of the specialist nurses will try and respond within 2 working days, or give the Macmillan Support Line a call on 0808 808 0000. It's free to call, staffed by trained experts and available from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

I'm sorry I can't help further but hope you get this sorted soon.


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Hi Shirley, 

Fatigue is not nice but something all if us have to deal with, being a really active person prior to my diagnosis and during my first round of chemo I found it difficult to deal with but recently during my second lot df chemo  I let it take over I listened to my body.. you have to remember chemo is killing the good cells along with the bad, I look at the constant sleep as recovery, your body is recovering whilst you sleep.  Believe it or not but a little exercise actually helps fatigue.. The Macmillan website has a good guide on cooing with fatigue. 

Take care 



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Hi Shirley, 

I’m afraid Ninja is right tiredness is part of the side effect of chemo as someone said it’s all the cells fighting to get rid of the good & bad cells. 

Keep walking short walks several times a day, look around your beautiful surroundings to lift your spirits, treat yourself to tea outside then back home to you best friend the couch and rest sleep and rest some more. 

Every chemo you do congratulate yourself one ticked off and soon the couch will loose its new best friend and your life will resume, but listen to your body it knows best and take care of yourself. 

Big gentle hug 



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Thankyou I am going to have to accept this a a part of my healing process.. 

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Thankyou I just didn't expect it to be so bad but I will just go with the flow x

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Yeah, you just need to 'roll with it', as they say. It does improve. I had my third cycle today. 

We'll done for handling the sickness problem. That symptom is worse, in my book

Good luck!


Alison xxx