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facing chemotherapy

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Just found out I'm facing chemo and have it put in directly into the stomach! I'm not overly worried but wonder what side effects chemo has?

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Pleased to see you found your way here and have touched base, although not so happy we have to welcome yet another new member to the Mac Community :(

If you could give us a little with some more info we can help you get the side effect answers you need.

Do you know the actual name of the chemo drug you will be having as there are nearly 100 combinations and all have their own varying common side effects - Some cause hairloss, some don't, while some can make you feel nauseous while others don't.

Also what is the cancer type you are being treated for ?

Take care, G n' J

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Hi G n' J,

thanks for getting in touch with me, it's very much appreciated

I don't know which drug they will use yet 

I was phoned by my nurse who said I was being referred to the oncology dept and should hear from them in about 6weeks to discuss the pros and cons of chemotherapy for my cancer. it may sound daft but I'm confused as to which cancer it is as it started on my appendix and my large intestine, all I know it comes under "hormonal" cancer

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Sorry to read you are still in limbo land, it is so tough emotionally when you know something serious is going on but don't yet have any answers :(

There is a general information section about Understanding Chemotherapy here you can have a look through but until you get to find out the particular regime you will be on don't concentrate too heavily on the many side effects mentioned too much as many may not occur. In fact some people even having the same chemo drug can have it affect them differently, it is all so individual.

The main common side effect is fatigue so expect at least a couple of duvet days.

You can also make good use of the Information and Support tab at the top of the page to search for information.

What you could do for now, well at least until you get answers as to what is going on and get given your treatment regime is to keep posting updates or questions here to keep your discussion current that way others may well also reply as the chemo group is fairly quiet as most have a diagnosis and have already joined an appropriate cancer group.

If your cancer type has been described as hormonal this may be that oestrogen is feeding the caner cells so you may be given hormone inhibitor tablets to reduce how much oestrogen your body is making. The type of tablet may depens on if you are pre, or post menopause - but no doubt your oncologist will cover this at your meeting too.

Six weeks seems quite a long wait for an oncology meeting, perhaps they are also waiting on scan or biopsy results to come through before deciding on the next steps ?

If you don't get many other replies here, rather than feel a bit alone you could as a temporary measure also post a message in the New To Site Group where most of us champs check in and reply to new members.

Hope you aren't kept waiting too long as everyone here will confirm the waiting and not knowing is the very worst past of all this. Once you get a diagnosis and treatment plan put in place it gives you something else to concentrate on which although can seem scary is better to deal with emotionally.

Hugs, G n' J

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Hi G n' J

may need to mention that I'm a fella so does estrogen still count? 

I had my appendix and half my colon removed two months ago and that my hospital although deals with cancer don't have the expertise in  hormonal cancers so are having to go through a hospital in Kent (and I live in North Wales) and I think this is why its taking time

kindest regards


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Hi Dave  /   

Your username should have given me a clue, at least now I know you are Dave the penny has eventually dropped :)

Yes males produce oestrogen and progesterone too -  All men have small amounts of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone in their bodies.

About 20% of oestrogen is made by the testicles. The remaining 80% is made from male sex hormones (androgens) so it may still be relevant.

Blimey, North Wales to Kent is a bit of a long haul :-/   You would think there would be something they could do at the Velindre in Cardiff ?

Hope you have recovered well from surgery, sounds like quite an invasive operation. So are you being drip fed info from Kent via your local hospital, or in direct contact with Kent ?

My wife told me I was reaching the menopause when after many years of not riding I wanted to buy another motorbike :)

Fingers crossed for minimal treatment with maximum benefit, G n' J